Saturday, 28 August 2010

Quebec City: L'Entrecote, Le Commensal, and the Plains of Abraham

The entrance to the Plains of Abraham
The last couple of days I continued to eat like a maniac. At first,  I tried to stay off of Rue St-Jean simply because I thought it was the most obviously touristly, ergo, could not possibly be that good. I was wrong. The reason why people flock to that street is because there are so many good restaurants there. The last two that I ate at (other than buying more delights from Paillard of course!) were Le Commensal and Entrecôte St-Jean.

Le Commensal is a vegetarian buffet place that was a nice breath of fresh air after all the meat that I had consumed. It's nothing extraordinary, but I saw many-a grateful vegetarian flocking in. A good variety of food, and a quiet environment. Julian, this is for you!

Now on the other hand, there was the "steak frites" mission that I had to complete. And complete it I did! There are many restaurants in Quebec that serve steak and french fries, but L'Entrecôte St-Jean was highly recommended. I went at lunch because their lunch menu (exactly the same as the dinner one, only $8 cheaper) was awesome. I got a broccoli soup, green salad with walnuts, and of course, their famous entrecôte. Finished it off with some profiteroles (ice-cream filled cream puffs with chocolate) and some tea and I was totally content. It was the first time since being in France that I have had really good French food.
Steak frites
Les profiteroles
Of course, I didn't just eat the whole are just a few photos that I took while there.
The gang eating sushi at 11pm at the "kids corner" on the night of my last shift.
Yet another Hello Kitty store!
Quartier Petit Champlain
A Rotary Club apparently meets at the Château Frontenac
Me and Julia with our Canada mascot "Bravo"
I found a bigger version of my bear pig!
The skyline from the entrance to the Plains
In the end, it was a great time in Quebec City. I had a nice relaxing trip and truly had a fantastic gastronomic experience!

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