Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Quebec City: My Maple Obsession and Paillard

All of a sudden, I feel a ridiculous desire to consume anything maple. It all started with the grocery store. I saw one of my favourite yoghurt brands, Liberté, which costs slightly less here because it is a Quebec brand. And then I saw that they had a maple flavoured yoghurt, and I was like, "why not?".

And so the obsession began. Since that fateful day, apart from the maple pie that I had at Aux Anciens Canadiens, I have also purchased maple butter, maple syrup, maple candy, a crepe a Cora's with maple syrup on it, and then last night, I even went as far as trying a pizza with duck confit and maple syrup. What's wrong with me!? Oh yeah, not to mention, I went to the store Délices d'Erable, and tried on their maple hand lotion. Not such a good idea cause I felt like I pancake all day...

Today, I went to the bakery Paillard that Nicole, from the Revenue Canada kiosk, had been raving about. It is truly a lovely bakery, and I bought a croissant from there for tomorrow morning (they are rated the best croissants in the city) and also a set of six macaroons to take back to my lovely team in Ottawa. What flavour are they? Well, maple of course! And to top off the evening, I also had some maple and tiramisu gelato. (Two flavours). Seriously good stuff.

And just on a note about Paillard, even though it looks like a super "touristy" spot, its quality is superior enough that you should visit. Have a coffee, have a macaron or have a full meal, it's worth a visit!

Gelato at Paillard
Travel tip: I learned from my travels in Italy that you always look at the banana gelato to determine how good the gelato will be. The more it looks like whitish-grey, the better, cause it means that it was very fresh and homemade. If it is bright yellow, you should probably go somewhere else. But damn, this gelato was comparable to that amazing gelato that I had in Venice!

Maybe after awhile this maple addiction will fade. Maybe not.

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