Friday, 20 August 2010

Quebec City: The Poutine Culture (Chez AshTon)

So, as a Canadian, I know that poutine is one of our defining cultural symbols. How it became that way, I never knew. Growing up in British Columbia, I had a poutine maybe once every 6 months at most, if even. It was just not something that was around. (Probably better for my arteries anyway). I discovered them more and more as I moved to Ottawa, but it was really on this trip that I was wowed by all the possibilities that poutine could be! And I had a few good Quebecker guides to teach me.

After work that day, a group of us went to the Pub St-Alexandre, which is a pub on St-Jean that isn't as obvious if you're not looking for it. It was nice, and a great selection of beers. I had their cider which was really, really good. However, it being 11:30 pm, their kitchen was closed. What do you do in Quebec when the kitchen of the pub is closed? You go to Chez Ashton!

Chez AshTon, where do I start? Basically, their poutine kicks all the other poutine places out of the park. What is it that makes it so good? Well, a variety of things. Their fries are delightfully crispy, their cheese curds are really fresh, and their gravy is smooth and very hot. Furthermore, they have a wide variety of options. Okay, so it was Pierre-Olivier who had to explain to me what was cracking. So, he orders a "mini, avec pois". First of all, the "mini" is the not the smallest size. The "bébé" is. And the regular size is just way too big to be consumed. I got a plain bébé one just to try it, and it was definitely good. But then I was like, "yo man, what's this business with the peas?'

The business with the peas is this: there are many different kinds of poutines you can get, such as a poutine saussices (with hot dog pieces), a poutine Dulton (with ground beef), a Dulton saussices (um, a little bit of overload, I think), and the Galvaude (chicken and peas). However, apparently, if you just ask for peas on the side, it's like, totally free. So apparently, that is what Pierre-Olivier does each time, and he couldn't be happier. (Right, Pierre-O?)

Here is a photo of him being happy with his peas.

Here is Louis-Pierre with his poutine saussises (by the way, we each took a piece while you were chatting with your friend and forgot to tell you... :) )

And Pierre-Étienne took the regular mini. But actually, this that is pictured is mine.
Here is the group of us outside the restaurant. (the three Pierres, me, Katrina and Maude) 
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Anonymous said...

Ashton has the best poutine for sure ! You know you stuff !

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