Friday, 22 April 2011

Ottawa Restaurant Review: 222 Lyon (The Tapas Bar)

Here's the thing. I always like the idea of tapas and I always like the idea of Spain. And I bought a Groupon for 222 Lyon, and was kind of excited because I often walk by there when I am listening to my Spanish podcasts on the way to work. However, put in reality, it's just not that exciting, and is still really overpriced.

Eric and I went to this restaurant this evening and we considered getting mains, but in the end, the servers convinced us to get tapas instead.

We ordered:

The Ratatouille ($9.95)
The Pork a la Pimienta (in a brandy peppercorn sauce) ($11.95)

As well as the mussels speacial (with blue cheese, leeks and pears) ($13.95) and a side of fries ($4.95).
And two pints of Steamwhistle.

Really cool interior
Pretty authentic food
Great beers on tap
Staff were highly knowledgeable and friendly

The washroom is NOT wheelchair accessible (actually, the whole place would be very difficult to get in if you were in a wheelchair, or had any difficulty with walking) as it is down a narrow flight of stairs and is kind of awkward.
Overpriced, for sure.

Final Note: The food was nice and authentic, the environment was cosy and the staff were friendly and knowledgable. However, like most Spanish tapas places, it's not really my thing, nor are the Spanish flavours really my flavours. Even with the Groupon, it still didn't feel like a great value, but hey, that's not why we try new restaurants is it? It's really for a culinary adventure! And a culinary adventure it was. Bonus for being conveniently located to our house.

To see similar Groupons, and to get referred by me! visit:

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