Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Ottawa Restaurant Review: The Green Papaya (The Sweetest Goodbye)

Some people warned me before I began last year about how dry and bureaucratic the public service would be, and cautioned me against entering those walls. But for those of you who know me, you know how much I loved working at Citizenship and Immigration. The people of CIC’s Communications Branch were some of the best coworkers I could have ever asked for. So when it came time to leave and go to Ecuador/Law School, I was really quite sad.

But my lovely coworkers didn’t let me leave before sending me off in style!

We have had many food outings together but we chose Green Papaya because it was one of the few restaurants that I had heard about which was good, and yet, I had never been to. I was so touched when more than 40 people showed up for my lunch, and we essentially took up most of the restaurant.

The two dishes that most people at my table got:

Kai Pad Med Maomuang (Chicken with Cashews and Veg) 

Combination Special of the Day
The food was all very good. I like the daily specials that they come up with every day so that you can get a fair share of choice. The prices are also quite reasonable, and I think Green Papaya is just enough out of the way that it trumps Som Tum for lunch. Not as good as Coriander Thai for dinner though.

But it continues! My team (particularly Brett and Holly) decided to put together an “Annieisms” handout which was essentially a very hilarious “roast”, complete with all the things that I say or am alleged to say all too often. They also wrote a song (I couldn’t believe that Brett brought his guitar to the restaurant) for me sung to the tune of Justin Bieber’s “Baby”. It was really hard to focus on the food (which was amazing) with all the disruption and gifts and hilariousness. 

I might not always get a chance to come back to Green Papaya when I come back to Ottawa but will always try to get a chance to see my lovely former coworkers! 

My cake back at the office

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Anonymous said...

After being met at the entrance by an unsmiling hostess and being shoved into the corner of the upper level where we had to squeeze between two full tables of people, we proceeded to have lunch from their buffet, food was fine, but felt we were rushed to finish. Received the bill and went to pay at their counter, I placed the exact cash on the brown tray with the bill, the cashier said thanks and then my friend and I went downstairs to discuss what we would be doing next. We decided to go back up to use their washroom, and then down again to leave, when all of a sudden one of the waitresses comes down to ask if I did indeed pay for the lunches, and after confirming that I did and thinking she would accept the fact that I did, she told us to stay there and went and got the manager and again insisted that I did not pay for lunch, this is the first time that I have ever been accused of trying to cheat someone out of money. I will never return there to be subjected to this kind of treatment and embarrassment, obviously never pay them with cash, you will not have any proof of payment, after refusing to pay another 60 dollars for two people who had their buffet and each a glass of wine, they agreed that we could leave, by the way, we are both in our fifties and have been working for over 35 years, who needs this.

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