Wednesday, 15 June 2011

New Orleans: The Garden District (The Copeland Cheesecake Bistro)

On a beautiful sunny day (like it was everyday), we decided to take the famous New Orleans street car down to the Garden District and enjoy a nice dinner there. The Garden District is kind of like the Glebe in Ottawa, or Shaughnessy or Kitslano in Vancouver, where people will actually go to just admire the residential area and wish that they lived in those houses.
Navin, Nicole, Sean and Andrea on the streetcar
The Copeland Cheesecake Bistro was nice, but hilarious, as even here, it was hard to find something un-deep fried on the menu!
Vanessa's chicken wrap

Scott ordered a "pasta pizza", which was um, interesting. Literally, your pasta baked into your pizza shell. Some might say, best of both worlds, and some might say, worst of both. I think this one is a matter of opinion! Vanessa had a nice, pretty healthy-looking meal of an Asian chicken wrap with a side of broccoli. But Andrew? He looked at the menu and said, "yay, shrimp ravioli! That's not deep fried!"

Think again, Andrew.

Check this dish out! Even the RAVIOLI was deep fried! 

Andrew's deep fried ravioli

Crawfish linguine with paneed chicken (side of bacon from Sean!)
I had had the same thoughts and ordered the crawfish linguine with paneed chicken, without realizing that "paneed" was yet another word guessed it. Deep fried! But the waitress was really nice and overheard me sigh and said that she would get the chefs to make me some grilled chicken instead to reward my benefit of the doubt.

Here with the grilled chicken
 But of course, what's a trip to the Cheesecake Bistro without some cheesecake! I definitely think that we ordered too many, but here's a few to get you familiar with the general idea of the fullness that we felt:

Raspberry cheesecake
Cookies and Creme Cheesecake
Pralines and Cream Cheesecake
The whole group! (A few joined later, if you're wondering how it was possible to eat with this many people in a booth)
 Then, we just walked off our cheesecakes by perusing through the neighbourhood. I took a few photos here but can I just say how creepy these beautiful dollhouse style houses look at night?!

Nicole and Sarah in tree!
One of the houses in the Garden District
One of the Gates
And just as a bonus to the evening...Navin and I finally had our chance to revisit our favourite place, Bubba Gump! It had been 3 conventions ago since we had met, and it was in LA where we had gone to Bubba Gump before (see post on LA Convention in 2008).

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