Thursday, 16 June 2011

New Orleans Restaurant Review: Napoleon House Bar & Cafe

Napoleon House Bar & Cafe was our little respite find from all the deep fried cajun food that we had been eating for the last week. It was also the first and only restaurant that we had found using UrbanSpoon (thanks to Sean's blackberry app!)

This restaurant was so lovely because it was inspired by Napoleon himself, and his home island of Corsica, which is a combination of French and Italian culinary influences.

The interior was very cosy and I am sure that I would have loved to have eaten inside on a colder night, but here in the blistering heat, it was great to be sitting outside in their nicely shaded little courtyard, complete with a lion relief spouting water above the fountain with little fish swimming around.

Of course, they still had the shrimp remoulade, served on an avocado (four of us at the table ordered this!), and even their own take on jambalya, but for the most part, the menu items were quite a nice spin on New Orleans cuinsine, with major Corsican flavours. And the dessert was all Corsican/Italian. I think we were too excited when the dessert arrived to even take photos (no wait, that's because my camera died...), but we had a cannelonis, hazelnut ice cream bricks, lemon ices, and napoleon ice creams. So perfect.

Artichoke Dip

Shrimp Remoulade

Napoleon House jambalya

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  1. Oy! I sent you pictures of your dessert :P

  2. Yeah, I got them, thanks! I still have to get my Muriel's post up...waiting for Jean-Baptiste's photo of Vince Vaughn! :)

  3. I visited New Orleans for the first time as a student in 1980. Napoleon House was my favorite spot to relax and enjoy a Dixie beer. Their Muffuletta was the BEST sandwich I have ever had! I am surprised you didn't try the Muffuletta. Thanks for the memory. Glad to see it is still serving beer and food. Cheers


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