Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Ottawa Restaurant Review: Memories Restaurant

For those of you living in Ottawa who don't know where Memories is located, its that cafe-esque place with the black awning on the corner off of Sussex near the American Embassy. I always kind of assumed that they only did dessert, but it turns out that they have not-too-shabby of a lunch selection too!

In the raging heat of Canada Day, I decided on behalf of the group that we would go check this place out once and for all. 

There were about 10 different meal menu items (served all day) that included sandwiches, salads, wraps and chili and quiche dishes thrown in for good measure. In 34 degree Celsius weather, I am sure the chili did not look particularly ideal to any of us so it was no surprise that we all ordered salads or sandwiches with side salads. 

I was the only one who selected the "Harvest sandwich" ($13) which was a vegetarian sandwich on ciabatta with cucumbers, tomatoes, red peppers, lettuce, goat cheese and a nice crusted layer of pecans on the bottom. This was served with a nice beautiful side salad dressed in a raspberry poppy seed vinaigrette. This was exactly what I wanted to eat at that exact moment, so that alone got a big check mark! 

Harvest Sandwich

Four of my peeps ordered the Chicken Club ($15), which looked pretty good, served on whole grain bread with the same salad as my sandwich. 

Chicken Club

And then Catie and Sean decided to go for the no carb option of the Green Apple Salad with pecans ($13). It looked pretty good too, and a great choice for the weather. I did think the choice of serving this salad with two halves of the same slice of toast was kind of boring, but that's really not a big concern.

Krishna got a smoked salmon thing, and it was really good, but it took a bit longer because they ran out of the stuff, so they literally had to run to their supplier to replenish! I didn't really care at that point because I was enjoying my own sandwich too much...

Green Apple Salad

Mike was almost as red as his vinaigrette after a morning in the sun!
Sean about to enjoy his salad
Great location
Fresh menu
Extensive and beautifully laid out dessert selection (will definitely come back to try if I can!)

No website or menu online
Cramped (or cozy, up to interpretation!) layout inside
No real dinner menu

Final Note: Great place to come for lunch or dessert, but it is a very specific experience that you would be coming to experience. This place definitely tops a Starbucks or Second Cup for getting together for a quick bite/coffee with a few friends for sure!

Rating: 4/5

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Stacey said...

Don't go there if you're a student. The owner brought over the cheque and asked me to leave when i was sitting with my coffee and before I even got my cake.

She says students weren't welcome and that she didn't want to attract "people like you" to the restaurant.

Just a warning.

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