Friday, 26 August 2011

Ottawa Restaurant Review: Jak's Kitchen

This was one of the those restaurants that people always talk about, and you never really know where it is or what it is, until one day, while getting your bike repaired in your friendly neighbourhood bike shop, you look up and realize, it's been under your nose all along. 

A block from my house. 

So, before leaving for Toronto, friends Sarah, Allister and I got together for a final brunch (yes, it seems like there were many "final meals" before leaving for Toronto...but what better excuse to eat right?) at Jak's Kitchen

This is one of those cute little hidden places that I think many people will love and call their own--especially those who live in that area between the Glebe and Centertown. I didn't ever get to that point, and I think that's why I still don't feel that strongly about it, but I can appreciate it's "little nook" quality from an objective perspective.

The food was certainly good, with a variety of fun twists on some classics. And I do appreciate how the menu changes and adapts to the season and what's available. I also appreciated how you could combine  your choices of "kitchen macs" (a fried egg on choice of either rye bread, buttermilk biscuit, english muffin, molasses oat or sourdough with variety of toppings) and order one ($8) or two ($11) depending on how hungry you were. 

My cranberry juice-nice touch!
My kitchen macs
Sarah's Classic Benedictine
Allister arrives with his longboard to eat whatever we ordered him..
Sarah enjoying her meal/View of Kitchen
Good selection
Cute and comfortable "neighbourhood-y" environment
Very reasonable prices
Great breakfast drinks selection (and I mainly mean juices!)

You would probably never go there if you didn't live in the area
I have no idea what dinner would be like

Final Note:
I left Jak's Kitchen feeling a strange sense of nostaligia that I didn't know. It was, I guess, the kind of place that I would have loved to have gotten to know better. So I guess, if you live in Ottawa, especially in the Glebe/Centertown, give it a try! Who knows? This might be your new favourite little place.

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