Thursday, 1 September 2011

Toronto Restaurant Review: Fire on the East Side

In the Church-Wellesley Village, there are a ton of super great brunch places, and this was the first one that we tried when I arrived in Toronto. 

Fire on the East Side has a bunch of wonderful things on the menu that have a bit of Southwestern flair and a lot of great specials listed on their giant chalk board. It was almost impossible to decide! I ended up ordering the stuffed French toast which was just such a cool twist on a classic. They were also awesome about accommodating with sauces and sides so that we could try a whole bunch of awesome stuff. 

Two Eggs (Poached) served with fries, green salad and over a great hash

Healthy Scramble ($12)

Stuffed French Toast (with a chipotle sauce and chicken)
Final Note: Would definitely recommend for any time you need some great brunch in Toronto!

Rating: 4/5

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