Sunday, 2 October 2011

Toronto Restaurant Review: Flo's Diner

Dill omelette

Eric and I always like trying out new brunch places, and we only happened to come by this place because it was raining, and it just happened that Flo's Diner was the first place we saw.

Turned out to be not bad. This was a fun, "regular customer" kind of place, with lots of kids and adults alike. They describe their menu as “some with a fusion twist, and some straight up the way mom made it”.

Eric ordered a salmon dill omelette served with potatoes and multigrain toast and I ordered the "Green Eggs and Ham" omelette, which basically was a ham and cheese omelette with some avocado in it. Effort appreciated I guess, although I know for a fact they do a much more convincing job at Dr. Suess World.

  • Good coffee
  • Lots of grilled cheese options if you’re into grilled cheese!
  • Coat racks on every booth (especially good because it was raining)
  • Good hot sauces
  • Strange location (on the edge of Yorkville)
  • Badly designed washrooms
  • For some reason, if you wanted to substitute multigrain for white bread, you have to pay an extra $0.75. Not that we did, but if you are a white bread lover, be warned, I guess.
Rating: 3/5

Final Note: Not mind blowing, but definitely enjoyed my experience!

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