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Toronto Restaurant Review: Grazie Ristorante

One of my goals in January was to explore the food scene on the other side of Toronto's "U" on the subway line. So, my friend Andrea W. (as opposed to other Andrea) suggested her favourite place near Eglington called Grazie Ristorante.

What a great suggestion! The ambience was so nice and friendly, and a perfect place to go whether you were a young family with strollers, a bunch of girlfriends for lunch, at a business get the idea. Their website describes them as a "rustic and simple environment" and I would agree.

Since Andrea had been here many times, she knew the menu well. But she also knew that there was one dish that she would always go back to, and that was the Udine. I had to try it, and I can see why! The udine is a linguine alla panna (cream sauce) with goat cheese, roasted red peppers and mushrooms ($15). What a lovely combination. 

I opted for the tasca, which is large flat sheets of pasta filled with ricotta, spinach, mushrooms and brie, and baked in a sugi di pomodoro cremosa (creamy tomato sauce) ($15.50). Delicious. This was especially wonderful since this was my first time dining out since I started my month of vegetarianism for the Gregorian and Lunar New Year and I wouldn't have wanted meat on any of these things! The fresh pasta is enough to keep coming back. It really makes such a diference.

Andrea with her favourite pasta
The Tasca (although hard to tell in this photo what it is!)
The Udine up close

  • Great Food (and very fresh!)
  • Great Environment
  • Simple, no-frills menu that's well-priced

Negatives (not that many):

  • The bread (although good) is sliced in a very inconvenient way, and is served with packaged butter
  • The chairs are not the most comfortable, if that's something you care greatly about

Final Note:
Now one of my favourite places in Toronto too! There are many "nice" places that I might not think about going back to in my ultimate quest for variety, but this will make the list of places that I will definitely visit again.
Fall 2012 Update: I went in with some other friends one time and our dishes took forever to come out. BUT without prompting, the manager came over and apologized profusely and offered us cappuccinos or whatever other drinks we wanted to make up for it. I thought that was a very nice gesture.

Rating: 5/5

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A Bigger Closet said...

I like your blog. Thanks for the review on Grazie, we were thinking of trying them and now we've been convinced. The food looks great. :)

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