Saturday, 29 September 2012

Toronto Restaurant Review: Saving Grace

Saving Grace deserves its high praise. Located discreetly on Dundas Street West close to Grace Street (hence the name), it's an unassuming restaurant with a very unpretentious vibe and very delicious food.

Today, Jon and I welcomed our friend Tim from Ottawa/PEI to Toronto by taking him there for brunch. We ordered variations of coffee to start: a cappuccino for Tim, Vietnamese iced coffee for me, and a regular cuppa joe for Jon.

Every single item on the menu looked delicious and also fulfilling. One of my pet peeves at brunch is when there are items that look good, but none you feel will satisfy. Jon was very satisfied with his choice of savoury french toast ($11.50) (served with greens and grilled potatoes, filled with caramelized apples and red onion), and Tim couldn't resist the carrot cake waffles ($10.50) with cream cheese frosting style syrup (can you blame him?) but added a few breakfast sausages for good measure.

Saving Grace
And for myself, since I was having a nostalgic dream about Ecuador just that morning before waking up, I ordered the scrambled eggs (with corn and gouda cheese), served with toast, salad, Ecuadorian (we were trying to figure out why they were called Ecuadoran) potato pancakes, or as we called them in Ecuador, llapangachos. My favourite part was the unique and very delicious peanut sauce that it was served on top of. This was really a globalized breakfast dish that reminded me why I love living in Toronto.

Scrambled Eggs with Potato Pancakes ($12)


  • Adorable little restaurant
  • Great selections on a creative menu
  • Freshly squeezed juices
  • Vietnamese ice coffee was an option!


  • Due to limited seating and popularity, expect to wait anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour during rush times. (Our wait was about 30 min)
  • Seating isn't exactly comfortable
  • Their cappuccino was awful (literally, the worst that Tim and I have ever tasted) but I am going to write it off as an isolated incident of someone thinking that they put in fresh grounds in the espresso machine when they didn't actually.

Final Notes: 
With new specials all the time, they'll find me back in here again before long.
Also, thank you to Tim for taking the photos on his new iPhone 5!

Rating: 4/5

Saving Grace on Urbanspoon

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