Monday, 12 November 2012

Ottawa Restaurant Review: The Scone Witch

The Scone Witch

The Scone Witch has been one of my favourite places to grab lunch or an afternoon snack in Ottawa for years but I didn't finish my blog post until after this recent visit. 

Instead of describing the menu, I just took a photo of it for you:

Scone Witch menu

Looks delicious, doesn't it? It is. I almost always get a "MealWitch" with a side salad.  I am a sucker for salmon so I ordered the "Salmon in Zucchini-Cream Sauce" pictured below. It was really good, like everything else.

Salmon in Zucchini-Cream Sauce MealWitch
The guy at the front will even tie up your scones to go! 
"Don't Forget Yer Cutlery"

Great scones at great prices
Adorable restaurant
Many vegetarian options

Limited seating (but it somehow always works out!)
No gluten-free or reduced fat scones (but can you really blame them?)

Final Notes:
In addition to the delicious scones, what really makes this place special is all the little details that are put into the restaurant. From the custom Scone Witch illustrations and warm grey walls, to the bathroom that feels like the one at your imaginary great aunt's farmhouse, it's a place that I am always happy to walk into and always walk out of feeling warm and satisfied.

Rating: 5/5

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Kirstz said...

Wow! That food looks so delicious and nutritious too. This Ottawa Restaurant is really interesting too. Hope to visit this place soon. Thanks.

Tom Hardy said...

That looks so great! And I love the name, you sound like a unique restaurant in Ottawa. P.S. being gluten free in never a negative!!

Annie Chu said...

Thanks Kirtz and Tom. I really like this place and visit every time I go back to Ottawa.

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