Thursday, 27 December 2012

Toronto Restaurant Review: O.Noir

This is a rare restaurant review that I didn't bring my camera along for! Candace, Bianca and Andrea from the Chu Crew (their first meeting, and their first time at the restaurant!) joined me on a culinary adventure to O.Noir tonight--the restaurant where diners eat in complete darkness. 

This is what my meal looked like
The concept for the restaurant began as a way for diners to experience food in a whole different way. Although I love taking photos of food, it is true that when the sense of sight is taken away, all the food that you experience is heightened greatly and you can taste the individual elements of a dish with a whole new level of clarity. Furthermore, it is a great way for diners to understand what it might like to be blind, especially when you are relying on your very capable wait staff to assist you throughout the meal--all of whom are blind themselves. 

Despite the fact that the food is not ever seen, there is a very high standard of food available and you can taste it! The menu is a flexible prix-fixe--you can have a starter, main and dessert for $39 or starter or dessert with main for $32. The menu includes items such as octopus, calamari, a variety of salads, filet mignon, shrimp with risotto, and a variety of standard desserts. But, for the more adventurous set, you can even order the "surprise" starter, main or dessert!  I did both last time, and I ordered the calamari for a starter with the surprise main. Since all four of us did, we figured it out but I won't reveal what it is (unless you want to know, please ask!) There is also a very extensive drink menu. 

Final Note: 
I will probably not order the surprise again--it was great the first time (we spent soo long trying to figure out what colour the peppers were, and still to this day have not agreed) but I was kind of not as excited with the surprise (differnt, but similar) this time around. Next time, I would definitely try the risotto or the filet mignon. It was a great dining experience and I'll definitely go back again when someone else comes to town to visit! Also note that you can also visit O.Noir in Montreal!

Rating: 4.5/5 for novelty; 3/5 for food

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