Monday, 14 January 2013

Toronto Restaurant Review: Mercatto (College St, Bay St)

Mercatto is a great Italian restaurant that serves up a perfect business lunch or dinner. While a bit higher priced,  people keep coming back.

We were going on a tour of the Legislature that day so wanted to find somewhere nearby and decided to go to the College location. Being almost impossible to get a reservation, even at 2pm the place was packed with coworkers chatting amicably about the holiday break that they were all anxious to leave for. 

Matthias and Kira
Their wood fired pizzas are fantastic, and this one was surely what I would have ordered if I had opted for pizza.

Proscuitto pizza ($17)
Their fresh handmade pastas were equally appetizing, and feature seasonal ingredients as well as an unusual selection of proteins (although I must say I didn't feel so right about eating rabbit...immediately regretted my decision afterwards).

Rabbit Ragu Garganelli ($19)
Wild Boar Gnocchi ($17)
Plain and simple spaghetti
Great ambiance
Fresh, local and seasonal ingredients
Authentic flavours
Great wine selection

At this location (College) you have to fight with the business lunch crowd
A bit overpriced
Portion sizes on the lunch menu are smaller and yet, still seem to cost as much...

Final Note:
If a colleague invites you there for lunch, and you are not concerned about the price, by all means go! However, if you want to go their on your own, I would recommend going to the one at Bay for dinner. The location at Bay is the one I prefer, if not just for the ambiance, but also the fact that a scene from Suits (one of my favourite shows) was shot there!

Rating: 3.5/5
August 2013 Update: Mercatto has since declined in my eyes since my first amazing visit. It's still good, but their prices are getting to be a bit outrageous for the food, and the food is just slipping ever-so-slightly in quality. I would still go back, just not on my recommendation.

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