Sunday, 13 January 2013

Toronto Restaurant Review: Noka Japanese Cuisine and Sushi (and Sushi Places on Bloor)

For those of you who live in downtown Toronto, and specifically the Annex, you will probably know that the strip of land on Bloor St. near Bathurst/Spadina is primarily comprised of used book stores, japanese restaurants, cafes, and the occasional froyo joint. How this came to be I have no idea. 

Another mystery to me is how, of all the sushi restaurants, Sushi on Bloor became the king of the strip. I have been there on two occasions and was bored both times with the mediocre nature of the food I was served, and moreover  shocked by the long lineup each time. New Generation Sushi (both the old and new one, but more so the older one) is much better, in my opinion.

A peek at round 1
But for All-You-Can-Eat, the best place by far is Noka, who had the audacity to be located RIGHT beside Sushi on Bloor. For $12.99 for lunch and $20.99 for dinner, you get a generous variety of fairly respectably refined sushi, sashimi and many other entree options. I especially love the wonderful selection of unique rolls that they are chef-created for the restaurant such as the Ex-Girlfriend and the 513 Bloor. The menu is more than enough to satisfy the tame teriyaki loving to the raw adventurous customer.

Salmon and butterfish sashimi, inari and unagi sushi
Spicy crab maki, tamago, surfer clam and sashimi
Ika Maruyaki. Note, this is TWO orders. We would have definitely been fine with one.
Trying to finsh round 2, with some difficulty
Candace decided to order this against her better judgment
Cindy and I finishing with ice cream!
In any case, give this place a try, and if you need someone to come order for you or eat with you, call me up!

Rating: 3.5/5 (most days); 3/5 on the days that their main chef isn't there...

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