Monday, 21 January 2013

Toronto Restaurant Review: Terroni (on Adelaide)

After having lived in (and eaten through) Toronto for more than a full year now, I have come to appreciate that there are certain words that, when mentioned, will get the general "ahhh, yes" approval from most Toronto locals. "Terroni" is one of them ("O&B", "Pizzeria Libretto" and "Guu" also rank high on the list, as does the phrase "Sushi on Bloor or New Gen?"). 

Terroni is a mid-to-high class Italian restaurant that gives one the impression of being in a really cool place. You can't place it exactly, but I would paint it to you akin to somewhere which combines the authenticity of Old World Italy with the modern sophistication of New York City. The food, while delicious, is greatly overshadowed by this general "cool vibe" that dominates your meal. 

I came here this past Saturday with my friends Rachael and Joanne for lunch and here is a rough idea of what we ate:

Bread with olive oil
The Ricchia Salad (9.95)
Carpaccio di Manzo (13.95)
Farinata con le Barbabietole (13.95)
The "C't Mang" white pizza with pears, gorgonzola, speck, walnuts and honey (16.95)
Practically a Toronto landmark
Here's my take on the place:

  • Amazing vibe.
  • Delicious food (seriously, really good pizza).
  • Lots of choice and an ever-changing specials menu.
  • The washroom is actually located in a dungeon (this is listed as a positive for sheer novelty value. The faucets are also old school lion head fountains).
  • Mediocre service (but hostesses and hosts were nice enough).
  • You kind of need to come with basic Italian food vocabulary (What I mean is, if there is a word that is in Italian that is contestable as to whether or not it need be explained, they will err on the side of not explaining it).
  • Some items are overpriced, although generally acceptable.
  • It is their "policy" that they will not split the bill.
Final Note:
Great place to come for practically any occasion: to dress up or dress down, to eat a little or eat a lot. I do think, however, that this place needs to take care not to spiral into an overly pretentious environment, as many other diners have also noted on Urbanspoon and other sites. A restaurant is only as good as the attitude and service of their staff. After eating here and at La Bettola di Terroni, I just have a few more to go before I finish the Terroni set!

Rating: 4/5

Terroni - Adelaide on Urbanspoon

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