Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Toronto Restaurant Review: Lola's Kitchen

'Shroom Benny ($11)

This is a very belated post, but deserves to be posted nonetheless. Lola's Kitchen is one of my favourite brunch places in Toronto (although that list is growing quite long!) Its simple, local and accommodating menu attracts a diverse and pleasant crowd. 

On this particular day, Eric and Chris (Eric's brother) had just completed the Scotiabank Toronto half marathon and, needless to say, they were in need of something to fuel the body and soul. Although I hadn't burnt nearly as many calories getting out of bed and taking public transportation to the restaurant, I think everybody's soul can use some good fueling on a Sunday morning! (Am I right, or am I right?)

Breakfast Poutine (Special of the Day)

Eric got the 'Shroom Benny, which is an eggs benedict served with spinach and sauteed mushrooms. A classic comfort, and very nice. Especially with their garlic aioli sauce which is da bomb (I always order it on the side). 

I looked to their specials and was enticed by the Breakfast Poutine. However, I was very torn between having it served over fries (delicious, but more guilt-ridden) or their famous Lola's potatoes (sweet potato cubes). But then, I had a "little girl from the Old El Paso commercials moment" (Do you know what I'm talking about?) and asked our sweet waiter, "por que no las dos?" erhm, "why not have both!?" And the kitchen agreed! So, I enjoyed a great combination of Lola's potatoes and fries, topped with giant fresh cheese curds, two perfectly poached eggs, and a brilliant hollandaise sauce. Divine. 

Chris got a grilled cheese, which he admits was quite good, but not really what he was expecting (Read: not that "grilled"). In usual Chris fashion, San Pellegrino and an espresso was also ordered to complete the meal. :)

Grilled Cheese
  • Local fare and very fresh ingredients
  • Many handmade or homemade items (even their ketchup)
  • Good value 
  • Good vegetarian and gluten-free selection (without it being too in your face either)
  • Great patio in the summertime

  • Mmm...for this price range, I can't think of many negatives other than the lack of grill-y ness on the grilled cheese. 
  • Ah YES, there may be some accessibility problems because a) you need to walk up stairs to get into the restaurant and b) the washrooms are on the second floor. So, keep that in mind if that is a concern for your party. 

Final Note:
Their regular options will keep their die-hard customers, but for me, it is their specials which will keep me coming back often and with new anticipation each time!  When I don't know where to go, I find myself saying, "mmm..Lola's?" more often than not. :)

Note: Lola's Kitchen used to be "Lola's Commissary" before their brand makeover.

Rating: 4/5

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